Fundraising for Breast Cancer Campaign

Does anyone of you know that October is the month dedicated to Breast Cancer? Well, it is and it’s an important cause!
I always supported Breast Cancer, that’s why I created a logo on my online shop and that’s why I’m fundraising for Breast Cancer Campaign in the UK. This is the leading specialist in breast cancer research across the UK and Ireland and it’s mission is to beat breast cancer by funding innovative world-class research to understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure.
So, every donation is really appreciated and can make the difference and I’d really appreciate if you could click HERE, have a look and make a donation, it would be really helpful!



*Sparkling Designs*: my online store!

Hi everybody,

I finally opened a store online on CafePress!! I called it “Sparkling Designs” and at the end of this post you’ll find my logo with a direct link to my store! There are apparel, goodies and much more for any occasion, tv & movies inspired items as well like The Twilight Saga! If you want something specific please, write to: and I’ll try to do my best!

So, check it out! 😉

*For news and updates join the Facebook page!

Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Ackles!

Exactly 1 week ago, my fave couple ever tied the knot!

Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris finally said “I DO!” last May 15th, at the Crescent Hotel in Dallas, Texas.

Many famous guests were there… Obviously there was Jared Padalecki (without her wife Genevieve ’cause she was at another friend’s wedding in NY), Misha Collins, Jason Manns (Jensen’s best friend), Christian Kane,  Steve Carlson, Elizabeth Harnois who was the maid of honour (Danneel’s best friend) and between the bridesmaids there were: Hilarie Burton, Bevin Prince and Jensen’s sister (Mackenzie).

Every fan like me was so excited that day, we were waiting for any news  and pics from anyone! I perfectly remember when all this started, with one of Elizabeth Harnois’ tweets: “In Dallas at a wedding about to give my first ever speech. Haven’t slept since yesterday. This could be tricky.” From that moment we were all waiting for that magic “I DO!”…

I guess it would be the dream of many of us to be there… Anyway we were lucky enough to get pictures of the wedding that showed how beautiful the place was, how stunning the bride was and above all how in love the couple is!

I really wish you guys all the best for a life together full of love and happiness!!


“Dear John” Preview Screening

My best friend (God always bless you, Franny!) did a competition on LoveFilm and last week she received an email in which she won a pair of tickets for the “Dear John” preview screening!!!! Lucky girl and lucky me! 😛

So, we went to the Prince Charles Cinema near Leicester Square, where at 6:00pm they opened the doors and at 6:20ish the movie started! I didn’t read the book (I’ll surely do it now), but since the writer is the same of The Notebook I thought the movie wouldn’t disappoint me, not at all… And in fact I loved it!! I don’t want to write the details of the story and spoil anyone (I hate spoilers so I know the feeling… ), btw I can tell you that it’s beautiful, I’m not surprised that in the US it’s no.1 in the box office! Seriously guys, you have to see it, that’s why I remind all the UK friends this date: 14th April (to the Italian ones sorry guys, you have to wait until 7th May). And listen to my advice: bring some tissues, it’s very emotional…

After the screening we had a Q&A with the stars of the movie! Yep, I really said the stars!! Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried were there and for a good half an hour they had fun with us in a lovely Q&A session!!!! They walked right past me and I can tell you that both of them are beautiful!!  (Channing is really hot!) They were sweet and so funny, especially when they were reading the online questions that appeared on the big screen behind them! *lol* It was a pleasure to be there with them!

I had a very special evening and when we were outside we saw the guys leaving the cinema, signing autos and take some fast pics with fans (unfortunately too fast) and then get in the car.
So, “See you soon then”. 🙂


Genre: Drama/Romance
Novel by: Nicholas Sparks
Screenplay by: Jamie Linden
Directed by: Lasse Hallström
Cast: Channing Tatum (John Tyree), Amanda Seyfried (Savannah Curtis), Henry Thomas (Tim Wheddon), Scott Porter (Randy) and Richard Jenkins (Mr. Tyree)
Plot: A romantic drama about a soldier who falls for a conservative college student while he’s home on leave.

Official Site

Steve Carlson’s gig – 26/03/2010 (London)

Yesterday I went to Steve Carlson’s gig. At 6:30pm I was outside with my friends and at 7:15pm more or less we went in! At 8pm the gig started and on the stage arrived the band that we thought it was his support for the gig… But you know what? After that one, another one arrived…Okeeeey so, Steve has another support band tonight, I guess it can be ok… But what if I told you that there was another one and… another one… For a total of 4 bands before Steve’s performance!? Yeah, 4 bands and Steve started his performance only at 11pm! Well, this wasn’t very ‘funny’… Our feet were hurt like our back… Everybody was upset about this loooong wait… I don’t know if things are gonna be better tonight but I really hope so for the guys that will be there because it’s stressfull in this way… Btw, here below there’s what I think about all the gigs! 😉

The first on the stage was Erin Vice…WOW! She has a cool style, an amazing voice and a great sound!!!! Everybody was excited and couldn’t stop screaming and moving! Even the guys in her band were fab! I strongly recommend her: Erin Vice Myspace.

The second ones was Caroline Jay. The singer had a “ostentatious”  style that personally don’t like very much… But I liked the vocalists, even if I didn’t love their music… I wasn’t involved and I found it… Boring! But it’s a personal taste!

The third band was The Cutaway (genre: alternative pop). I found cool that more than one of the members could play more than one instrument, but their music didn’t give me any kind of particular emotions… But they weren’t bad at all.

The fourth of the list was Juan Zelada. Original from Spain, Juan (vocals, keys and acoustic guitar) was totally great! He’s entertaining and the music is so involving, you can’t stop moving with it!! So, I definitely suggest to listen to this band: Juan Zelada Myspace.

And after 3hrs (more or less), the moment arrived…

This was my first Steve’s gig, I saw Kane’s gigs but never Steve with his band and I was really excited!! I love the way Darren plays the keyboard, he’s great, really talented!  Oh, and it was his birthday and we definitely showed him our support and love! Rosalee has a beautiful voice and she’s lovely!! I think she and Darren are a very gorgeous couple!! And what about Steve?… Oh well, he’s amazing! He’s funny, a fab singer and an amazing guitarist!  You’d love listening to him live for hours, but unfortunately you could do that only for 1hr… But hey, the song were 12 and all of them perfectly performed! I was right in front of the stage and the cool thing is that I managed to get one of his plectrums!

I had a good time but I can’t imagine another show with such a long wait like this… I hope it will better next time and btw good job, Steve!! 🙂

, the only thing I reallyd

Happy 31st Birthday Danneel Harris!!!!

I’m a big fan of Danneel since I saw her for the first time on One Tree Hill… I remember that I thought: “Wow, she’s gorgeous and such a good actress!” and now, after years I’m gonna tell you: “OMG, she’s amazing, such a great, sweet person and a really talented actress!!”.

You know, there are people called “haters” that constantly say many s*** about her, but even if she’s hurt because of that she always smiles and fights and, most important thing, she NEVER stops thinking about her fans!!  That’s why I created this as a ‘slogan’ and of course to support her! Those of you follow her on Twitter will understand! 😉

So, HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY DANNEEL!!!! I really hope you have a fab day with lots of fun and full of love, because you deserve ALL the best!! xoxox

With much love,
one of your biggest fan and supporter!


Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Padalecki!

I started the countdown for my birthday (1 month from today) and all I wanna celebrate now is this beautiful news… Well, it’s really like a great present! 😀

One of my favourite couple in the world, Jared Padalecki & Genevieve Cortese, got married last Saturday (February 27th) in Gen’s hometown, Sun Valley, Idaho.

Jared’s brother Jeffrey was his best man and Jensen Ackles was first on line as one of his 7 groomsmen! *A little cute curiosity, Jared’s niece Juliette was one of the flower girls. (awwww!!)*

The lovely couple said: ““Our wedding party consists of friends and family that have watched us grow up and watched us grow in our relationship. We thank all of you for being a part of us and cannot wait to grow with you in our lives together.”

I wish them all the best for an awesome future together full of love and happiness!!


“Ten Inch Hero”

Ten Inch HeroI saw this movie a couple of hours ago with my best friend, Franny, and  I can’t not write a post about it, I’m totally in love with it!

The story is original and you feel very involved with it! The characters storyline is well developed. At the beginning I was thinking it was like every other story, but that’s not true, maybe that’s one of the reasons why I loved this movie so much, it’s something unexpected!

The choice of the cast was perfect! Plus, I’m a huge fan of Jensen Ackles and Danneel Harris and see them together in a movie it was great because I think they have a fab understanding not only in their private life (and it’s talking one of their biggest supporter!). I liked all the characters, it’s difficult to decide which one is my fave… Uhm… Piper, Jen, Tish, Priestly… Trucker! I really liked all of them because everyone has some qualities that relate to me so, how can I choose?

Anyway, watch the movie guys, it’s funny, romantic, original and you can’t not fall in love with it, believe me! 😉

To a special friend of mine…

I’d love to open this post with a picture, but I know that the person I’m gonna talk about doesn’t love to show her pics on the net so I won’t do it! So, I’ve been in London since December 2008, and even if I don’t see her very often (she lives far from me) she’s always been special for me! She listens to me, she supports me, she cares about me and, God, she knows me!! I’m saying this ‘cos in these last days I realized a sad thing, not all of your friends are really your “friends”… They can tell you “you’re so important to me!” or “you’re one of my best friends in the whole world!” but sadly it’s not true… Thank God, Benedetta is not one of them and that’s why I miss her so much! I live with my best friend and I can’t be happier, believe me, btw both of us miss to talk to our ”crazy”, wonderful lady that understands and has fun with us!! I know that she’s having a bad time and I’m sad because I’d really wanna be closer to her… So, hope to hug you soon hun and don’t forget that I always think of you and I can’t wait for another amazing dream/fanfic of yours!! 😉

With much love,
Silvia – that next week will say a big “hi” to the ‘partner’ of your Chad! 😛

“Vivid” Test Screening

Hey guys,

I had many things to do last month and that’s why I disappeard… Btw as a friend of mine asked me, I’m posting a little report about Vivid test screening! Yep, I’m one of the lucky people who saw the plot last April,20th! 🙂

I can’t tell you really much about the plot, to be honest I can’t tell you anything about that ‘cos as you know the film is still in production… But I can tell you some of my impressions!

So, I have to admit that I jumped a few times and that’s a great thing because it’s what a thriller/horror movie should do, right!? 😛 Even if there was something that didn’t convince me much in some parts (I refer about the story and some cuts) I enjoyied the movie itself!

Charisma Carpenter is fab. as always!!!! She’s beautiful, an amazing actress SO expressive and that’s why you feel so involved with this film! I don’t tell you that ‘cos I’m a big fan of her or because I have a site about her, believe me, when you see this movie you’ll understand I’m right! Well, in the meantime you can watch all her roles and find out that what I told you it’s true because in everything she does she’s absolutely gorgeous and perfect!

After the screening me and the other 4 people that were there with me filled a questionnaire with our impressions, they asked us to be honest and I was and I think it was really great to have given a contribute in this project!

The staff of Red Sparrow seemed to be hopeful about  a release date around next autumn, but they’re not sure about that, it depends on many things…In the meantime they will go to Cannes this month for the promotion of the film!

It was an awesome experience and I really hope to repeat it one day and not only for a movie with my fave actress!! 🙂


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